Korea's Shamanic faith

Korea's Shamanic faith

Have questions about shamanism? I’m here to help!

An important thing to note is that Korean shamanism is a religion, not superstition. Shamanism was reclassified as a "superstition" during the Japanese colonial era with the intent of annihilating Korean culture and breaking down national spirit. Yet, it endures. With about 300,000 practicing shamans in Korea today, this ancient religion is something native to the peninsula. It is something to be treasured and protected.

Shamans still exist because there are customers who visit us, seeking consultation about small and big events. They come from a variety of religious backgrounds, including Christianity, Buddhism, and Catholicism. All that is necessary to partake in this ancient tradition is a pure and open mind.

Korean shamans are the only people who can contact with spirits immediately to give people an answer about their lives. When we meet, I hope we can share our lives together, if only for a brief moment in time.

- Eunmi Pang -