Eunmi Pang


Ability of predicting future and cure other people.

As she knew that it isn't the ability given with no reason, she always tried her best to help others in need with this ability at the Sunhwadang. Eunmi Pang-Korean Shaman

Splendid life as the 1st graduate of the Model Center in 1992.

Eunmi Pang who started one's career in the fashion industry was very promising young model who had stood on various fashion shows of Lotte, Sam-pong and other TV programs of KBS, SBS or so. However, she got Sinbyung symptoms of paralyzing around 1995 and changed one's career as the shaman after praying and asceticism.

Sunhwadang's Eunmi Pang-Korean Shaman said that “Shaman always thinking about the contrast about the real life. Shaman should have dignity as the person who served god and respect one's god in predicting the future. Not only that shaman should fight oneself in learning various performance actions. I think such all of things are shaman's fate”.

One's destiny as the shaman who served one's god.

Selected Eunmi Pang-Korean Shaman is now providing future prediction and fortune telling service at the Sunhwadang in Ilsan. Eunmi Pang-Korean shaman is very famous for fortune telling, business consultation, exam fortune telling, charm making or so. People who worked in entertainment industry visit her lot to know about one's future.

Knew various events of future very precisely.

Sunhwadang where provide solutions of evading bad events, Eunmi Pang-Korean Shaman.

Whenever you feel little bit stuffy and depressed, I recommend to meet the real shaman Eunmi Pang who change one's bad energy into vitality.