Eunmi Pang


As a practitioner of my country's ancient folk religion、I strive to live in accordance with God's will.

With my psychic abilities、I help people who suffer in today's fast-paced、hyper-competitive society.

Through consultations and spiritual dance (ggut)、l aid a variety of clients。I have consulted internationals and Koreans alike, offering guidance during times of psychological illness、business difficulties、family issues、and vital career decisions. I now dedicate my time to assisting the spiritual needs of modern people.

Korean shamanism has existed in my homeland for thousands of years.

It is said that our priestesses have a special connection to Tangun, the mythic founder of Korea、While a shaman's abilities are God-given、but should never be self-serving. Our duty is to live modestly、advise、and serve。This is the guiding principle of my work.

Please take a look around my website.

If you are interested in Korea's ancient shamanistic traditions、or have reached a point in your life where you need spiritual counsel、seriously consider booking a consultation.

I hope to become your partner for your better future.

Regards、Eunmi Pang